About Us


Formed in 1988,  the Hon-Spandar Group  is a  Limited Partnership, presently headquartered in the United States of America. The company maintains regional offices in Europe, and Central Asia.

Original company focus was supply chain management, and organizational development, internal to the Arab Gulf countries. Changes of  world economy and political life stimulated expansions of geography. As  of calendar year 2014, the company has been involved in numerous projects  throughout the Middle East,  Central Asia, and Africa.

Diversification of offerings and core competencies followed the form. Today, primary practice areas are broad-based international trade,  finance, franchise development, information technology, contract negotiation,  nongovernmental organization crisis relief support,  organizational development, primary and secondary government interfaces, business development, and sectors within aerospace.

Four senior partners currently manage the firm. However, in accordance with project demand, the company draws on and utilizes an international network of over one hundred  individual practitioners and their core competencies for project fulfillments.